David Gundry Palermo Range

David Gundry Upholstery Limited have been designing and manufacturing the best of British handmade bespoke furniture since 1972,

Only the finest materials are selected, and these, combined with the commitment of our team of highly skilled crafts men and women, contribute to producing both of our exquisite ranges of furniture; beautiful classic and inspirational contemporary designs, to reflect individual tastes and lifestyles.

Our stylish fabrics are sourced from the finest mills around the world, upholstered with unrivalled pattern-matching expertise. They are cut and tailored by hand, and all valances are hand sewn. An extensive range of trimmings are available, to add a subtle twist, or a flash of excitement to each iconic customisation if wished.

We are able to tailor our range to meet customer’s special requirements, a bespoke product in every sense of the word; height, depth and width can be adjusted if required.

David Gundry Upholstery prides itself in remaining true to its core values; working with traditional artisan craftsmanship and mastery, sourcing and selecting the finest materials available, and providing exceptional customer service. We hope that each unique and carefully constructed piece will find a treasured place in our customer’s homes, and be enjoyed by them, their friends and their families now and to come.

Grand Sofa, Large Sofa, Medium Sofa, Small Sofa and Chair.

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